Blood Bowl 2 Trainer

+2 cheats for game version: Steam v3.0.219.2 Last Updated: 06.05.2021

Blood Bowl 2


  • Super Character Stats
  • Super Gold


  • For OFFLINE USE only.
  • Super Character Stats:
    Use the option at the character(team) screen only and then turn it off. When playing the game, you are allowed more movements and that may sometimes cause the game to freeze because you are exceeding the max allowed movements. For example, once Blitzing someone, do NOT try to pick up the ball from the same player as you would not be normally allowed to do so without super player characteristics. Play the game and you will understand what action you can and can’t do.
  • Super Gold:
    Use the option at the character(team) screen only and then turn it off. Once activated, add/subtract gold (with the plus or minus sign for the perk level) until you see the gold change to a large amount (resulting in a huge team rating). Once it has changed disable the cheat. Do not keep enabled outside of this screen.


Included in Cheat Evolution app


Blood Bowl 2 v3.0.219.2 PLUS 2 Trainer


How to use this Blood Bowl 2 Cheat Engine Table in Cheat Evolution app?

Cheat Evolution has trainers for Steam/Microsoft Store Gamepass and Epic Launcher games which operate similar to cheat engine tables.

Cheat Evolution app will show you a list of all games we have trainers for. Simply select Blood Bowl 2 from the list and use your favorite cheats.

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