Broforce Trainer

+12 cheats for game version: Windows Store/Steam v1032.201906101430 Last Updated: 09.07.2020



  • Activate Trainer
  • Invulnerable
  • Infinite Lives
  • Infinite Special Ammo
  • Faster Bro Unlock
  • Slow Fall
  • Super Speed (Player)
  • Super Jump
  • Edit: Lives
  • Edit: Special Ammo
  • Edit: Player Speed
  • Edit: Jump Height


  • Infinite Lives: This will stop your lives from decreasing, if you use the Editor you will need to deactivate this option for it to change to the desired number.
  • Slow Fall: This activates the in-game parachute affect without the display of one. You will be invulnerable whilst this is active also.
  • Default Player Speed is 110.
  • Default Jump Height is 260.

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Broforce v1032.201906101430 PLUS 12 Trainer


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