Deep Rock Galactic Trainer

+25 cheats for game version: Steam/Microsoft Store v1.35.63815.0 Last Updated: 29.11.2021

deep rock galactic


  • Activate Trainer
  • No Damage to Player
  • Infinite Shields
  • No Reload
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Drill Ammo
  • Infinite Turret Ammo
  • Minerals Don’t Decrease
  • No Weapon Overheat
  • Infinite Grenades
  • Infinite Jumps
  • Infinite Flares
  • Infinite Bosco Revives
  • Infinite Shield Generators
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Super Damage
  • Mega XP
  • Instant Build
  • Easy Weapon Upgrades
  • Infinite Resources
  • Super Pickaxe
  • Sprint Speed Multiplier
  • Edit: Credits
  • Edit: Perk Points


  • Minerals Don’t Decrease: It will stop whatever the first material you have gathered from decreasing, which means that it will infinitely add that resource to the collection bot & you will need to disable & re-enable if you want some other material to be put in. Disable this when not needed.
  • Mega XP: Enable just before mission end and disable after you have received the XP in the victory screen.
  • Easy Weapon Upgrades: You do not require the correct materials to upgrade weapons with this option enabled. It will still deduct credits but you can have 0 of other resources and still upgrade. Does not bypass Level Restrictions.
  • Infinite Resources: You will gain resources when you spend them – best used with Easy Weapon Upgrades.


Included in Cheat Evolution app


Deep Rock Galactic v1.35.63815.0 PLUS 25 Trainer


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