Disgaea PC Trainer

+60 cheats for game version: Steam v1375097 Last Updated: 16.10.2021

Disgaea PC


  • Activate Trainer
  • No Damage to Party
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Movement
  • Unlimited Attacks
  • Set Time Played to Zero
  • Unlimited HL
  • Shop: Max Customer Rank
  • Increase Game Speed
  • Decrease Game Speed
  • Reset Game Speed
  • Edit: HL
  • Edit: Round #
  • Edit: Bonus Gauge
  • Edit: Customer Rank (Shop)
  • Edit: HP
  • Edit: Max HP
  • Edit: SP
  • Edit: Max SP
  • Edit: EXP
  • Edit: Level
  • Edit: Counter
  • Edit: MV
  • Edit: JM
  • Edit: ATK
  • Edit: DEF
  • Edit: INT
  • Edit: SPD
  • Edit: HIT
  • Edit: RES
  • Edit: PSN Resistance
  • Edit: SLP Resistance
  • Edit: PAR Resistance
  • Edit: FCT Resistance
  • Edit: DPR Resistance
  • Edit: Fire Resistance
  • Edit: Wind Resistance
  • Edit: Ice Resistance
  • Edit: Sword EXP
  • Edit: Spear EXP
  • Edit: Bow EXP
  • Edit: Gun EXP
  • Edit: Axe EXP
  • Edit: Staff EXP
  • Edit: Fists Level
  • Edit: Sword Level
  • Edit: Spear Level
  • Edit: Bow Level
  • Edit: Gun Level
  • Edit: Axe Level
  • Edit: Staff Level
  • Edit: Fists Class
  • Edit: Sword Class
  • Edit: Spear Class
  • Edit: Bow Class
  • Edit: Gun Class
  • Edit: Axe Class
  • Edit: Staff Class
  • Edit: Dark Assembly Mana
  • Game Speed Multilpier


  • The editor options from Edit: HP and below are for the currently selected character; this includes enemies.


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Disgaea PC v1375097 PLUS 60 Trainer


How to use this Disgaea PC Cheat Engine Table in Cheat Evolution app?

Cheat Evolution has trainers for Steam/Microsoft Store Gamepass and Epic Launcher games which operate similar to cheat engine tables.

Cheat Evolution app will show you a list of all games we have trainers for. Simply select Disgaea PC from the list and use your favorite cheats.

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