Final Fantasy IX Steam Trainer

+48 cheats for game version: Steam v1.0 Last Updated: 02.07.2020


    • Activate Trainer
    • Enable Damage Modifier Options
    • God Mode
    • Hero Damage Multiplier
    • Enemy Damage Multiplier
    • One Hit Kill
    • Set Enemy HP Low In One Hit
    • Hero Cannot Die
    • Infinite MP
    • Enable AT Multiplier
    • AT Multiplier
    • Enemy AT Multiplier
    • Enable Trance Multiplier
    • Trance Multiplier
    • Always Preemptive Strike
    • Infinite Item Usage / Set Min Amount (In-Battle)
    • Set Item Amount On Use
    • Infinite Magic Stones When Equipping Abilities (Have To Requip On Load Game)
    • Enable ABP Multiplier
    • ABP Multiplier
    • EXP/GIL Multiplier
    • EXP Multiplier
    • Gil Multiplier
    • Easier Enemy Item Drops
    • Steal All Items (Only Display’s First Item)
    • Freeze Time When Timer Displayed (Minigames)
    • Always Able To Call Chocobo On World Map
    • Current Shop Data
    • Shop Data Item Slot
    • Shop Data Item
    • Update Current Cards With Max Stats
    • Have All Items
    • Have All Chocograph Inventory
    • Have All Chocograph Locations Found
    • Gil
    • No Random Encounter Flag
    • Time Played In Seconds
    • Frogs Caught
    • Frog Catching (Set To -1 For Maximum Frogs Available)
    • Time Stolen Successfully (Option Made By AlexWong)
    • Dragons Killed (Option Made By AlexWong)
    • Chocobo Modifier (Change Area After Modifying To Take Effect)
    • Chocobo Points
    • Chocobo Beak Level
    • Selected Item To Edit (Item Ability Editor)
    • Item Ability 1
    • Item Ability 2
    • Item Ability 3

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Final Fantasy IX v1.0 PLUS 50 Trainer


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