Gas Station Simulator Trainer

+20 cheats for game version: Steam v1.0.1.38259 Last Updated: 08.11.2021

Gas Station Simulator


  • Activate Trainer
  • Easy Challenges
  • Unlimited Money
  • Super Movement Speed
  • Super Jump
  • Unlimited Employee Stamina
  • Fill Jerry Can
  • Unlimited Fuel (Gas Station)
  • Unlimited Fuel (Excavator)
  • Unlimited Trash Bag Capacity
  • Dennis Does Not Appear
  • Increase Game Speed
  • Decrease Game Speed
  • Reset Game Speed
  • Game Speed Multiplier
  • Movement Speed Multiplier
  • Jump Height Multiplier
  • Edit: Money
  • Edit: Happy Amount
  • Edit: Popularity Level

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Gas Station Simulator v1.0.1.38259 PLUS 20 Trainer


How to use this Gas Station Simulator Cheat Engine Table in Cheat Evolution app?

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