Humankind Trainer

+21 cheats for game version: Steam v1.0.26.4437 Last Updated: 18.01.2024



  • Activate Trainer
  • Unlimited Health
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited Map Movement
  • No Fog of War
  • Set Settlement Food
  • Set Settlement Industry
  • Set Settlement Money
  • Set Settlement Science
  • Set Settlement Population Limit
  • Set Settlement Fortification
  • Set Research
  • Set Money
  • Set Era Stars
  • Selected Unit: Refill Health
  • Selected Unit: Refill Movement
  • Edit: Selected Unit Veterancy Level
  • Edit: Selected Unit Land Speed
  • Edit: Selected Unit Naval Speed
  • Edit: Selected Unit Upkeep
  • Edit: Selected Unit EXP

Included in Cheat Evolution app


Humankind v1.0.26.4437 PLUS 21 Trainer


How to use this Humankind Cheat Engine Table in Cheat Evolution app?

Cheat Evolution has trainers for Steam/Microsoft Store Gamepass and Epic Launcher games which operate similar to cheat engine tables.

Cheat Evolution app will show you a list of all games we have trainers for. Simply select Humankind from the list and use your favorite cheats.

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