Jerez’s Arena 2 Trainer

+26 cheats for game version: Steam v1.0 Last Updated: 05.06.20221

Jerez Arena 2 Trainer


Unlimited Gold

Unlimited AP

Unlimited SP

Unlimited HP

Unlimited TP

Unlock All Scenes

Multiply Shop EXP Gain [Default: x7]

Shop XP Multiplier

Get Character Stats















Increase Speed

Decrease Speed

Reset Speed


Included in Cheat Evolution app

What is Jerez Arena II?

Jerez’s Arena II is a Hentai Visual Novel with Turn Based combat. On a corner of the Capital city, the daughter of the Kingdom’s Regent, one of the Eight Greatest Merits Founders Echnar Family, Sigrid, secretly became a gladiator behind the back of her family. On the other side, LoWen, a spy from the enemy country, Cyounichi, disguises himself as a slave trader and sneaks into Jerez’s Arena with an Oni assassin, Mikado Koharu. The story of these three, is going to begin in the Jerez’s Arena.


Jerez Arena 2 v1.0 PLUS 26 Trainer


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