Legend of Heroes: Hajimari No Kiseki Trainer

+50 cheats for game version: Steam v1.0 Last Updated: 28.08.2021


    • Activate Trainer


    • Enable Damage Modifier Options (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc.)


    • God Mode


    • Hero Damage Multiplier HP


    • Hero Healing Multiplier HP


    • Hero Cannot Die


    • One Hit Kill


    • Enemy Damage Multiplier HP


    • Enemy Healing Multiplier HP


    • Enable Battle EP Options (Infinite EP, etc.)


    • Infinite Battle EP


    • Hero Battle EP Multiplier


    • Hero Healing EP Multiplier


    • Enemy Battle EP Multiplier


    • Enemy Healing EP Multiplier


    • Enable Battle CP Options (Infinite CP, Max CP On Hit, etc.)


    • Infinite Battle CP


    • Max CP On Hit (Hero Party)


    • Hero Battle CP Multiplier


    • Hero Healing CP Multiplier


    • Enemy Battle CP Multiplier


    • Enemy Healing CP Multiplier


    • Always Max Bravery Points (8)


    • Infinite Turns Brave Order Battle Buffs
    • Spending Sepith Increases It Instead of Decreasing
    • Always Critical Hit
    • Enable Infinite Item Usage / Set Minimum Item Amount On Gain/Use/Toss
    • Infinite Item Usage
    • Set Minimum Item Amount On Gain/Use/Toss
    • Force Override Item Quantity
    • Set Item Quantity When Viewing Items
    • Override Item ID On Gain of Item (Turn Off When Not Needed)
    • Override Item ID
    • Override Item Qty When Adding
    • Always Have Dragon Vision Effect
    • Always See Treasure Chests On Map (Portion of Moon Lens Effect)
    • Always Max Assault Gauge
    • Anyone Can Equip Character Specific Accessories
    • Add 100 U-Material If You Have At Least 1 (View Item Screen First)
    • Playtime (In Seconds)
    • Sepith Mass Crystals
    • Mira
    • Assault Gauge
    • Earth Sepith
    • Water Sepith
    • Fire Sepith
    • Wind Sepith
    • Time Sepith
    • Space Sepith
    • Mirage Sepith

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