Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Trainer

+76 cheats for game version: Steam v1.4.1 Last Updated: 07.08.2021


    • Activate Trainer


    • Enable Damage Modifier Options (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc.)


    • God Mode


    • Hero Damage Multiplier


    • Hero Healing Multiplier


    • Hero Cannot Die


    • One Hit Kill


    • Enemy Damage Multiplier


    • Enemy Healing Multiplier


    • Infinite Battle EP


    • Enable Battle CP Script


    • Infinite CP


    • Max CP On Hit


    • Always Critical Hit (Allies)


    • Bravery Points MAX(5)


    • Overdrive Multiplier/Instant Overdrive


    • Overdrive Multiplier


    • Instant Overdrive


    • Infinite Item Usage / Set Minimum Item Amount On Gain/Use/Toss


    • Set Minimum Item Amount On Use/Toss (0 = Off)


    • Override Item ID On Gain of Item


    • Override Item ID


    • Override Item Qty When Adding


    • Infinite Turns Left Positive Status Effects (Allies) / Bad Status Effects Over Quick


    • Use Custom Power


    • Status Up Power


    • HP CP Regen Power


    • Insight Power


    • Enable Run Speed Multiplier


    • Run Speed Multiplier


    • Enable Battle Trophy Multiplier (Overdrive, Link Attack, etc)


    • Battle Trophy Multiplier


    • Phantasmal Mirror Works Everywhere


    • Infinite New Game Plus Points Usage


    • Infinite Fishing Attempts


    • Add Bonus AP When Completing A Quest


    • Bonus AP Amount


    • Moebius Effect For Increase Item Range Always Available


    • Megalith Effect For HP/EP/CP Regeneration Always Available


    • Magius Effect For Arts Area Always Available


    • Emblem Effect Always On For 100% Triple Advantage Chance


    • Fast Link EXP Event n Event Item


    • Link EXP Multiplier (Event)


    • Enable Character EXP Multiplier


    • Character EXP Multiplier


    • Enable Improved Master Quartz Exp Multiplier


    • Improved MQ EXP Multiplier


    • Fast Master Quartz Level


    • Multiply Stats On Equip / Add Bonus ACC+/EVA+ On Equip


    • Hero Stat Multiplier


    • Bonus ACC To Add


    • Bonus EVA To Add


    • Apply To Rean Only


    • HP Stat Cap


    • Other Stat Cap


    • Pop Any (Default Follow Up Attacks) Battle Trophy After 1 Follow Up Attack


    • Trophy To Pop


    • Sepith Mass Crystals


    • Mira


    • Current Rank


    • Current Regular AP


    • Current Bonus AP


    • Bonding Points Current


    • Bonding Points Max


    • Angler Points (Current)


    • Angler Points (Cumulative)


    • Times Left To Fish


    • Last Selected Master Quartz Level


    • Last Selected Master Quartz EXP


    • Earth Sepith


    • Water Sepith


    • Fire Sepith


    • Wind Sepith


    • Time Sepith


    • Space Sepith


    • Mirage Sepith

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