Loopmancer Trainer

+11 cheats for game version: Steam v1.0 Last Updated: 14.08.2022

Loopmancer Trainer


Unlimited E-Coins

Unlimited Cores

Unlimited Stamina

Unlimited HP

Unlimited Ammo

Instant Skill Cooldown

One Hit Kill

Unlimited Grenade

Increase Speed

Decrease Speed

Reset Speed

Included in Cheat Evolution app


What is Loopmancer?

Loopmancer is a 3D platformer roguelite action game with realistic graphics that takes place in a cyberpunk universe. Players play as a detective who comes back to life after an unexpected death, and battle in this lifelike and futuristic city of the east.


This Loopmancer cheat engine table may not work on other version.


Loopmancer v1.0 PLUS 11 Trainer