Mahou Arms Trainer

+37 cheats for game version: Steam v0.4.20.3 Last Updated: 27.03.2023

Mahou Arms Trainer


  • Get Player Data
  • Health Edit
  • Max Health Edit
  • Default Max Walk Speed Edit
  • Default Max Acceleration Edit
  • FOV Wide Edit
  • FOV Normal Edit
  • Dash Length Edit
  • Dash Max Acceleration Edit
  • Dash Max Walk Speed Edit
  • Dash Charges Edit
  • Max Dash Charges Edit
  • Sprint Max Acceleration Edit
  • Sprint Max Walk Speed Edit
  • Dash Charge Regeneration Delay Edit
  • Dash Cooldown Time Edit
  • Dash Invulnerable Time Edit
  • Default Gravity Scale Edit
  • Double Jump Z Velocity Edit
  • Dash Charge Cost Per Use Edit
  • Mid Air Dash Velocity Edit
  • Max Air Dash Charges Edit
  • Air Dash Charges Edit
  • God Mode Edit
  • MP Edit
  • Max MP Edit
  • MP Auto Regen Max Edit
  • MP Regen Per Tick Edit
  • Is Replenishing MP Edit
  • Double Jump Charges Edit
  • Max Double Jump Charges Edit
  • Unlimited HP
  • Unlimited MP
  • Unlimited Air Dash
  • One Hit Kill
  • Force Pause
  • Speedhack

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Mahou Arms v0.4.20.3 PLUS 37 Trainer


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