Minecraft Dungeons Trainer

+25 cheats for game version: Microsoft Store/Steam/Dungeons Launcher v1.17.0.0 Last Updated: 03.10.2023

Minecraft Dungeons


  • Activate Trainer
  • Godmode/No Hit
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Emeralds
  • Infinite Lives
  • Easy Enchanting
  • Super Damage
  • No Cooldowns
  • Infinite Souls
  • Super Movement Speed
  • Super Player Speed
  • Slow AI
  • Save Coordinates
  • Teleport to Saved Coordinates
  • Super Attack Speed
  • XP Multiplier
  • Edit: Selected Item Power Level
  • Edit: FOV
  • Edit: Emeralds
  • Edit: Player X Coordinate
  • Edit: Player Y Coordinate
  • Edit: Player Z Coordinate
  • Player Speed Multiplier
  • Movement Speed Multiplier
  • AI Speed Multiplier


  • Infinite Emeralds: After enabling this option, pick up some emeralds for it to work.
  • Easy Enchanting: You can enchant as much as you like without needing points to do so.


  • 26.05.2020 – Improved Health cheat & added 3 more cheats (Easy Kills, Infinite Dash & Mega Experience).
  • 27.05.2020 – Removed Infinite Dash cheat & changed Easy Kills option.
  • 28.05.2020 – Added support for the Dungeons Launcher version & added No Cooldowns option.
  • 29.05.2020 – Split the two versions into separate trainers, added an Infinite Souls cheat & hopefully fixed the Infinite Health cheat for the Dungeons Launcher version.
  • 30.05.2020 – Added Mega Power Level cheat.
  • 24.06.2020 – Removed Mega Power Level Cheat; replaced with Selected Item Editor and Edit: Power Level. Updated to be compatible with
  • 02.07.2020 – Updated to v.
  • 03.03.2021 – Updated to v1.8.0.0
  • 23.01.2022 – Updated to v1.12.1.0 – does not bypass the anti-cheat so please read the notes
  • 03.10.2023 – Updated to v1.17.0.0. Added 13 cheats & bypassed the anti-cheat.


Included in Cheat Evolution app


Minecraft Dungeons v1.17.0.0 PLUS 25 Trainer


How to use this Minecraft Dungeons Cheat Engine Table in Cheat Evolution app?

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Cheat Evolution app will show you a list of all games we have trainers for. Simply select Minecraft Dungeons from the list and use your favorite cheats.

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