Quest Hunter Trainer

+6 cheats for game version: Windows store v1.0.23.2 Last Updated: 31.01.2020

Quest Hunter Trainer

  • Infinite Health
  • +99 Items on Pickup
  • Increased Kill XP
  • Instant Max Level
  • Infinite Attribute Points
  • Super Speed



  1. +99 Items on Pickup: Must have at least 1 item in your inventory and then on next same item pickup it will be +99 each time the item is looted – this applies for ALL items.
  2. Increased Kill XP: This changes the XP gained from killing enemies to 999 XP per kill – MUCH higher than the default kill XP. Cannot be used in conjunction with “Instant Max Level”.
  3. Instant Max Level: This will instantly give you Max Level (20) upon killing an enemy, deactivate once Max Level to avoid any bugs. Cannot be used in conjunction with “Increased Kill XP”.
  4. Infinite Attribute Points: Upon spending an attribute point you will instantly gain 99 attribute points until the option is deactivated – then it will count down from 99 until you’ve spent all available points.


Included in Cheat Evolution app


Quest Hunter v1.0.23.2 PLUS 6 Trainer


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