Spirit of the Island Trainer

+26 cheats for game version: Steam v0.18.2 Last Updated: 22.04.2022

Spirit of the Island Trainer


  • Activate Trainer
  • Move Speed
  • Jump Force
  • Item Never Decrease
  • Unlimited Item Durability
  • Unlimited HP
  • Instant Cut / Mine Resources
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Relationship Gains Multiplier
  • Edit Relationship Multiplier
  • EXP Gains Multiplier
  • Edit XP Multiplier
  • Skill EXP Gains Multiplier
  • Edit Skill EXP Multiplier
  • Unlimited Money
  • Edit Money
  • 0 Poison
  • 0 Hunger
  • 0 Thirst
  • 0 Fatigue
  • Full Wellbeing
  • New Cheat
  • Edit currentTimeOfDay
  • Increase Speed
  • Decrease Speed
  • Reset Speed


Included in Cheat Evolution app


What is Spirit Of The Island?

Spirit of the Island is a colorful coop life-sim RPG set on a tropical Archipelago. Build your farm, grow crops and animals, craft various items, cook exquisite dishes, gather resources, build shops and museums to attract visitors, and turn a desolate Island into a prosperous tourist destination!



Spirit of the Island v0.18.2 PLUS 26 Trainer