Stardew Valley Trainer

+12 cheats for game version: Steam + Gamepass v1.5.4 buildid 8043676+ . Last updated: 20.05.2012

Stardew Valley Trainer



Unlimited Health

Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Water

Unlimited Items

Max Skills

Max Inventory Space

Instant Crops

Freeze Timer

Increase Player Speed

Decrease Player Speed

Easy Craft

Unlimited Money



  1. Start game world before using most of the cheats & for others like:
  2. Unlimited Items: Make sure you have an item in your inventory besides the one you start with.
  3. Unlimited Water: Make sure you use water can once.
  4. Max Skills: Make sure you open Skills window first.
  5. Max Inventory Space: Make sure you open Crafting window first.
  6. Instant Crops: Make sure you plant something first.

Included in Cheat Evolution app



Stardew Valley 1.5.4+ PLUS 12 Trainer

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