Stellaris Trainer

+41 cheats for game version: Steam v3.11.2 Last Updated: 13.03.2024



  • Activate Trainer
  • Allow Ironman Console
  • Godmode
  • Freeze Time
  • Fast Construction and Recruitment
  • Unlimited Naval Capacity
  • Instant Research
  • Unlimited Energy Credits
  • Unlimited Minerals
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Consumer Goods
  • Unlimited Alloys
  • Unlimited Influence
  • Mega Unity
  • Mega Volatile Motes
  • Mega Exotic Gases
  • Mega Rare Crystals
  • Mega Living Metal
  • Mega Dark Matter
  • Mega Nanites
  • Mega Minor Artifacts
  • Fast Terraforming
  • Fast Megastructure Build
  • Fast Colonization
  • Edit: Selected Leader Level
  • Edit: Selected Leader EXP
  • Edit: Selected Leader Base Age
  • Set Energy Credit
  • Set Minerals
  • Set Food
  • Set Consumer Goods
  • Set Alloys
  • Set Influence
  • Set Unity
  • Set Volatile Motes
  • Set Exotic Gases
  • Set Rare Crystals
  • Set Living Metal
  • Set Dark Matter
  • Set Nanites
  • Set Minor Artifacts


  • 13.03.2024 – Trainer updated to support v3.11.2 & changed some cheats.

Included in Cheat Evolution app


Stellaris v3.11.2 PLUS 41 Trainer


How to use this Stellaris Cheat Engine Table in Cheat Evolution app?

Cheat Evolution has trainers for Steam/Microsoft Store Gamepass and Epic Launcher games which operate similar to cheat engine tables.

Cheat Evolution app will show you a list of all games we have trainers for. Simply select Stellaris from the list and use your favorite cheats.

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