Vampire Survivors Trainer

+37 cheats for game version: Steam v1.4.101 Last Updated: 15.04.2023

Vampire Survivors Trainer


  • Get Player Data
  • Power Edit
  • Area Edit
  • Speed Edit
  • Move Speed Edit
  • Growth Edit
  • Luck Edit
  • Duration Edit
  • Cooldown Edit
  • Amount Edit
  • Shields Edit
  • Armor Edit
  • Greed Edit
  • Regen Edit
  • Revivals Edit
  • ReRolls Edit
  • Skips Edit
  • MaxHp Edit
  • Magnet Edit
  • Curse Edit
  • Banish Edit
  • Shroud Edit
  • Charm Edit
  • Current Hp Edit
  • Level Edit
  • XP Edit
  • Slow Time Edit
  • Slow Multiplier Edit
  • Invincibility Timer Edit
  • Multiply Exp Gain
  • Exp Multiplier Edit
  • Multiply Move Speed
  • Speed Multipier Edit
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Reroll
  • God Mode



  • This trainer only works with the Unity Beta version of the game. You can get access to it by following these steps:
  • 1. Right click the game in your Steam Library
  • 2. Click on properties
  • 3. Go to Betas
  • 4. Enter the beta access code “newenginepls” without the quotes
  • 5. Click the Check Code button and choose the “new-engine- New Engine” version from the dropdown list above
  • 6. Enjoy


Updates for Vampire Survivors Trainer

25 April 2023 Update:

  • Added support for latest version of the game.


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Vampire Survivors v1.4.101 PLUS 37 Trainer


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