Battletoads Trainer

+14 cheats for game version: Windows Store/Steam v1.4.2718.0 Last Updated: 10.01.2021



  • No Damage to Player
  • Infinite Health
  • Easy Boss Kills
  • Super Combo
  • Cannot Crash Bike
  • Infinite Spit
  • Fast Frog Respawn
  • Easy Hacking Minigame
  • Easy Kills
  • Cannot Crash Bobsleigh
  • No Damage to Spaceship
  • Easy Timer Level Challenges
  • Infinite Ship Repair Timer
  • Easy S-Rank
  • Super Speed


  • Easy Boss Kills: For optimal experience, only enable during boss fights and disable after.
  • Super Combo: Sets your combo to 99 on hitting an enemy.
  • Cannot Crash Bike: You will not crash into objects whilst riding the bike nor will you fall in gaps.
  • Easy Hacking Minigame: Toggle this on to remove the collision damage during the Hacking minigame. For optimal results disable when not needed.
  • Easy Kills: Strong attacks will defeat most enemies in one hit. Basic attacks will take a lot more hits to defeat the enemy.
  • Cannot Crash Bobsleigh: You will not crash into obstacles during the Bobsleigh mission.


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Battletoads v1.4.1428.0 PLUS 14 Trainer


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